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Why fit in when you can stand out?

Design… for the rest of us.

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Simple. Beautiful. Affordable. Brilliant. Websites designed with YOU in mind.


At its core, every brand has something special to reveal—something that inspires people. From logos to typography, from color to texture, don’t let your brand get lost in the crowd. Why fit in when you can stand out?

Custom Art

Art inspires. Inspiration births art. Let us create something for your home that inspires.

Creative solutions

Don’t know what you want? Don’t even know where to start? No worries, Minor 5 Studio is your one stop shop for all things branding, marketing, and more.

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Lead designer

Morgan G Farris

Morgan G Farris is a writer, musician, and artist from the great state of Texas. Boasting a library of hundreds of original songs and many novels (so far), Morgan can usually be found at her piano or at her iPad, and usually at ridiculous hours of the night. She grew up in a home rife with music and imagination, which shaped her into someone who is always dreaming…and always crafting her next work of art.

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